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Tiangang Li

Li Tiangang, is vice director of International Research Center of Chinese civilization of Fudan University. Born in Shanghai, he is professor and doctoral tutor of religious in the department of philosophy of Fudan University. In addition, he is director of Chinese Religious Society and vice president of the Shanghai Academy of Religion.

Main academic areass of Professor Li include Chinese intellectual and cultural history, history of cultural exchange and the history of Christianity in China, etc. He graduated from Fudan University with doctoral degree and used to help Dr. Tang Zhenchang with the reseach of Shanghai history at the Institute of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. He is also a former visiting scholar in the University of San Francisco, Yenching Institute of Harvard, Department of Religious Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Cross-Cultural Studies Center in City University of Hong Kong.

Main works of Professor Li include: "Cross-cultural Interpretation: Classical Studies and Theology,", " Controversy of Chinese Rites: History, Literature and Meaning", "Cultural Shanghai", "Humanities of Shanghai", "City Impression of Qing Empire" "Ma Xiangbo and Modern Chinese Thought"(in English), etc. In addition, he is the editor of "Complete Works of Xu Guangqi" and "Complete Works of Ma Xiangbo ".