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Council of Scholars


Council of Scholars

ICSCC Fudan invited distinguished scholars as adjunct professor. Adjunct professors will participate in the planning of academic direction, developing of academic programs, academic workshop topics, and relevant proceedings. In addition, they will engage in translations of publishing proposals, and write recommend application for center’s overseas outstanding young scholars for visiting scholar program. Centre also intent to cooperate with adjunct professor on specific academic subjects, involving inviting domestic and foreign scholars in the academic center for small workshops, or making series of academic reports, and prompting the field of depth study.


Adjunct Professors Center for International Studies of Chinese civilization Fudan University (March 2012):


Chinese literary orientation:

Liu Yuejin, Party secretary and one of the researchers in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Literature Research Institute.  

Li Hao, professor and vice president of Department of Faculty of Arts of Northwestern University.

Hu Xiaoming, professor of East China Normal University.


Chinese historical orientation:

Liu Yingsheng, professor of department of history of Nanjing University.

Rong Xinjiang, professor of Ancient Chinese History Research Center and Department of History of Peking University.

Mou Fasong, professor Department of History of East China Normal University.


Chinese philosophical orientation:

Gao Ruiquan, professor of philosophy of East China Normal University.

Chen Shaoming, professor of China Institute of Philosophy of Zhongshan University.

Wang Bo, Professor, Department of philosophy of Peking University.