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Guangyao Jin



Jin Guangyao, born in Shanghai, is a professor of department of History at Fudan University. He is also the director of ICSCC. Professor Jin is a former visiting scholar at the University of Leeds and Columbia University, and worked as a visiting professor in Lund University and the Virginia Commonwealth University.

Professor Jin’s main research focused on the history of China's foreign relations, especially the diplomatic history of Republican China. his academic works includes "Wellington Koo’s Biography", "From Wangxia Treaty to Clinton's visit to China - China-US Relations 1784-1996" (co-author), "From the Treaty of Nerchinsk to Yeltsin's visit China – Relationship of China and Russia 1689-1989"(co). He also edited "Wellington Koo and Chinese diplomacy "and "The Diplomacy in the Period of the Northern Warlords"(eds.)," Educated youth Tribe: 10000 Shanghai People in Mount Huang "(eds.), etc.