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Shangli Lin


Shangli Lin, Ph.D. in Political Science, serves as Vice-Chancellor of Fudan University, and chief of International Research Center of Chinese civilization Management Committee. He is a distinguished Professor of Fudan University, and also one of Changjiang Scholars who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council.

Professor Lin mainly engaged in political theory, comparative politics and contemporary Chinese political studies. He has published dozens of treatises and articles.

His major works are: "Party Politics and modernization", "electoral politics," " logic of politics ", "domestic intergovernmental relations," "political form of contemporary China studies", "community democracy and governance," "inner-party democracy", "political construction and national growth", "growth of the Chinese Communist Party and the State", "new Chinese political system",etc.

Professor Lin has presided over major national research projects, and major series of research projects of Shanghai. He has received research philosophy and social science prize, Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Award, and “Sun Pinghua” prize of Japanese Studies scholarship fund for outstanding academic books.