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The International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization at Fudan University (abbr. ICSCC) is an international platform for research on Chinese civilization. Supported by Fudan’s strength in the humanities, ICSCC strives to promote Chinese studies as well as cross-cultrual exchange and dialogue among global academic community.

ICSCC will be geared towards study abroad, each year providing visiting research opportunities to outstanding scholars from overseas.  Through on-campus lectures, small-scale workshops, and publishing opportunities, it will constitute a comprehensive and multilevel system of exchange between visiting and local scholars. This not only provides non-Chinese scholars opportunities for “on-the-spot” research, but also fosters greater international commitment to research on Chinese civilization.   

Through inviting the international academic community into China, ICSCC hopes to convey Chinese civilization and its domestic scholarship to the world, creating an innovative method of Sino-foreign academic exchange. Based on Fudan campus, ICSCC strives to establish itself as a stronghold for effective collaboration and dialogue among global academic community and it will pioneer this effort through its visiting scholars program.  Afterwards, aiming to bring the studies on Chinese civilization to another level, it will promote joint collaborative opportunities for advanced research overseas by establishing branch centers co-organized with oversea universities and research institutes of international standing. ICSCC endeavors to be a place where Chinese values and global perspectives would come together. To increasing the mutual understanding between scholars of China and scholars of other countries, it also tries to be one of the major outlets for Chinese scholarship on the global stage.

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