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【Workshop】From Impurity to Purity and Beyond: Practices and Representations in Asian Religions


ICSCC Visiting Scholar Program Workshop, Fudan University

From Impurity to Purity and Beyond: Practices and Representations in Asian Religions

Organizer: International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization, Fudan University


Dates: May 23–24, 2019

Venue: Room 2801, West Main Building, Guanghua Tower, Fudan University

Hosts LIU Zhen     Michel Mohr


May 232019

09:30—09:45    Opening Remarks

LIU Zhen

  Professor at the National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies, Director of the Center for Gandhian and Indian Studies, Fudan University  

Michel Mohr

  Professor in the Department of Religion at the  University of Hawaii ,Visiting Scholar at the International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization, Fudan University


Keynote Speeches (Part 1)

10:00–11:00 Venerable K. L. Dhammajoti(Chair Professor of Renmin University of China,Director of the Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong)

The Meditative Experience of Purity as a Culmination of the Impurity-contemplation: The Sarvāstivāda tradition

11:00-11:15    Tea Break

11:15–12:15 Shrikant Bahulkar Professor at the University of Pune


Keynote Speeches (Part 2)

14:00–15:00  LI Shenghai(Professor at Chinese Ancient Books Preservation and Conservation Institute, Fudan University)

Speech of the Trustworthy Ones Who Have Removed Defects: On a Buddhist Notion of Scripture

15:00-15:15    Tea Break

15:15–16:15 Robert Kritzer(Professor at Kyoto Notre Dame University)

Meditation on the Body in Chapter 7 of the Saddharma-smtyupasthāna-sūtra

16:15-16:30    Tea Break

16:30–17:30  Roundtable discussion


May 242019

Keynote Speeches (Part 3)

10:00–11:00  LU Chenye(Post-Doc at National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies, Fudan University )

Jñānakīrti's Tattvāvātara: A Mahāmudrā Nondual Approach to the Nine Types of Desire and the Nine Perceptions


11:00-11:15     Tea Break

11:15–12:15   Bony Schachter(Professor at the Yuelu Academy, Hunan University)

The Xuanmen zaoke yanjing keyi and the Structures of Ritual Purification   in a Taiwanese Urban Setting


Keynote Speeches (Part 4)

14:00–15:00 Charles Willemen(Rector of the International Buddhist College in Thailand)

Contemplation of Impurity: Texts and Paintings by Morishige in Antwerp’s MAS Museum

15:00-15:15   Tea Break

15:15–16:15  Michel Mohr

Advanced Contemplation of the Impure: Reflections on the Capstone Event in the Meditation Sutra

16:15-16:30    Tea Break

16:30–17:30   Roundtable discussion

Conclusion: LIU Zhen        

                  Michel Mohr