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【Forum】Comparing Classical Scholarships: West and China


“ Comparing Classical Scholarships : West and China ” 

Room 209 , Think Tank Building, 

Fudan University, Shanghai, November 25 - 26, 2017

November 25 (Saturday)

Welcome and Keynote Speech

Moderator: ZHANG Wei (Fudan)



JIN Guangyao, Director of the International Center for Studies of Chinese

Civilization, Fudan University

YU Wanli, Distinguished Professor, College of the Humanities, Shanghai

Jiaotong University



POO Mu-chou (Chinese University of Hong Kong): “Methodological and

Institutional Issues of Comparative Study”



Tea Break


Session I: Textual transmission and criticism

Moderator: ZHANG Hanmuo (China Renmin)


9:50-11:20 (Part I: China)

Martin Kern (Princeton): “Composition, Editing, Selection, Performance, Writing:

Questions about Textual Production and Transmission in Early China.”

LI Rui (Beijing Normal): “Parallel Texts and Family Texts.” (in Chinese)

Respondent: LIN Zhipeng (Fudan)


11:20-12:20 (Part II: West)

Glenn MostChicago/Pisa“What is a critical edition?”

Respondent: XIAN Ruobing (Fudan)


Session II: Commentaries and interpretations

Moderator: XIAN Ruobing (Fudan)


14:30-16:00 (Part I: China)

HUANG Kuan-yun (Taiwan Tsinghua): Poetry, the ‘Metal-Bound Coffer’ and the

Duke of Zhou”

Oliver Weingarten (Czech Academy of Sciences): “Internal Commentaries in Guanzi:

Structure, Ideology, and Interpretation in Chapter 64, ‘Xing shi jie’.”

Respondent: DENG Zhifeng (Fudan)



Tea Break


16:20-17:50 (Part II: West)

Athanasios Vergado (Newcastle): “Questions of unity and authenticity in the Homeric


Xavier Gheerbrant (Sichuan): “Philology and hermeneutics in the interpretation of

Empedocles: the case of fragment 115 D.-K.”

Respondent: ZHANG Wei (Fudan)

November 26 (Sunday)

Session III: Dating and authenticity

Moderator: LIN Zhipeng (Fudan)


9:00-10:00 (Part I: China)

NING Zhenjiang (Shanghai): “On the tendency to broaden its scope of paradigm in

classical authenticity studies: a case study of the Family Sayings of Confucius

(in Chinese)

Respondent: WU Kejin (Fudan)



Tea Break


10:20-11:20 (Part II: West)

Cheng Wei (Beijing): Rethinking Aristotle’s Evolution: His Conceptions of Pleasure in Light of the Developmental Hypothesis”

Respondent: WANG Wei (Fudan)


Session IV: Philologically based historical reconstruction

Moderator: DENG Zhifeng (Fudan)


13:30-14:30 (Part I: China)

ZHANG Hanmuo (China Renmin): “Writing of Ancient History and Middle-Range Treatment (in Chinese)

Respondent: WEI Xinying (Shanghai Museum)


14:30-15:30 (Part II: China & West)

Lisa Raphals (California, Riverside): Reading the Future: Fate and Divination in

Chinese and Greek Transmitted and Excavated Texts”

Respondent: HUANG Yang (Fudan)



Tea Break


Session V: Comparing Chinese and Western Classical Scholarship

Moderator: HUANG Yang (Fudan)



Translating Western Classical Scholarship into Chinese: a dialogue between SU Jie (Fudan) and ZHANG Zhi (Xiamen)



Concluding Remarks: Martin Kern (Princeton)



Roundtable discussion