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【Forum】River Societies: Old Problems, New Solutions


River Societies: Old Problems, New Solutions—A Comparative Reflection about the Yangtze River and the Rhine





China International Culture Association Fudan University



China Cultural Media Group Limited

International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization, Fudan University (ICSCC)

Leiden University


Dates :

October 2627, 2017.



Day 1—October 26:  Seminar at Multi-function Room, 2nd Floor, Yifu Building of Science and Technology 逸夫科技楼二楼多功能厅




9:00–9:20        Opening Ceremony

                        Chair:  Jing Guangyao, Director of International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization, Fudan University (ICSCC)


9:00–9:15        Keynote Speech

Wang Chen, Associate Vice Director of the Bureau for External Cultural Relations of the Ministry of Culture, Deputy Secretary-General of China International Culture

Chen Zhimin Associate Vice President of Fudan University

Leonard Blussé, Emeritus Professor, Leiden University


9:15-9:20         Group Photo


Panel 1, “Comparative Research on the Historical Culture of Yangtze River and Rhine River,” Chair: Tang Lixing


9:20–9:50        Li Bozhong, Peking University, “Two Early Modern Economies at the Mouths of Two Great Rivers: A Comparative Study of Economy of the Yangzi Delta and the Netherlands in the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century”

9:50–10:20      Leonard Blussé and Xu Guanmian (Victor), Leiden University, “Land Reclamation in the Rhine and Yangzi Deltas and Its Impact on Popular Culture, 1600–1800”

10:20–10:45    Discussion


10:45–11:00    Coffee Break


Panel 2, “Research on River Culture, A Retrospect,” Chair: David Faure


11:00–11:20    Cátia Antunes, Leiden University, “River Societies: Past, Present and Future”

11:20–11:40    Lincoln Paine, Maine Maritime Museum, Bath, “Rivers of the World—Rescuing a Neglected Resource”

11:40–12:00    Discussion





Panel 3, “River and Social Culture,” Chair: Qian Hang


14:00–14:20    Tang Lixing, Shanghai Normal University, “Traveling around the Docks: Jiangnan Watertown and Suzhou Pingtan”

14:20–14:40    Fan Jinmin, Nanjing University, “The Role of Suzhou in Leading Fashion from Late Ming to Mid Qing Dynasty”

14:40–15:00    He Xi, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, “The Floating Life: A History of Chinese River Societies”

15:00–15:20    Einor Keinan Cervone, Harvard University, “Art, Adrift: The Culture of Connoisseurship in Jiangnan’s Waterscapes”

15:20–15:40    Discussion

15:40–15:50    Coffee Break


Panel 4, “Rivers, Ports and Civil Culture I,” Chair: Anne Gerritsen


15:50–16:10    David Faure, “The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Changing Course in the Lower Yangzi: the Decline of Liujiagang and the Rise of Shanghai, 1300–1800”

16:10–16:30    Ma Xueqiang, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Analysis on the Business Activities of the Yangtze River Delta and the Evolution of the Suzhou River Street in Shanghai

16:30–16:50    Hein Klemann, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, “The Central Commission and Regulation of Rhine Shipping”

16:50–17:10    Feng Xianliang, Fudan University, “The Living World and Order of ‘Songnan’ Township in Qing Dynasty”

17:10–17:20    Discussion


17:20–17:30    Coffee Break


Panel 5, “Rivers, Ports and Civil Culture II,” Chair: Dai Angang


17:30–17:50    Prof. Ben Wubs, Erasmus University, Rotterdam,The Transnational Rhine Economy: Core Regions, Clusters and Competiveness”

17:50–18:10    Zhang Jianmin, Wuhan University, “The Structure of ‘Hankou’ Commodity Circulation System—A Historical Investigation of the Phenomenon of ‘Miniature Hankou’”

18:10–18:30    Ralf Banken, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main, “The Capitalist Gate to the World: Trade Relations Between Western Germany and the Netherlands, 1740–1806”

18:30–18:50    Discussion



Day 2—October 27: Seminar at Multi-function Room, 2nd Floor, Yifu Building of Science and Technology 逸夫科技楼二楼多功能厅




Panel 6, “Rivers, Ports and Civil Culture III,” Chair: Zhang Jianmin

9:00–9:20        François Gipouloux, CNRS, Paris, “The Strategies of West European and Chinese Port Cities in Historical Perspective”

9:20–9:40        Wu Tao, Sun Yat-sen University, “The Boatmen for Security and Protection of Water Transportation at Zhenjiang Jingkou in the Qing Dynasty”

9:40–10:00      Dai AngangFudan University, “Modern Shanghai and the Transportation of the Yangtze River”

10:00–10:20    Theresia Hacksteiner, International Association of the Rhine Ships Register, “Harmonised Legal Regimes in Inland Waterway Transport in Europe

10:20–10:40    Discussion


10:40–10:50    Coffee Break


Panel 7 “River, Transportation, and Commercial Culture,” Chair: Yuan Zujie


10:50–11:10    Zhang Haiying, Fudan University, “Water Town, Market Network, Town Economy—The Analysis of Jiangnan Trade Routes in the Ming and Qing Dynasties”

11:10–11:30    Wang Zhenzhong, Fudan University, “Huizhou Merchants and Trades in the Towns of Mid-lower Yangtze River During the Qing Dynasty—A Research of the Newly Discovered Huizhou Commercial Manuscript”

11:30–11:50    Anne Gerritsen, University of Warwick/Leiden University, “Wuchengzhen and the Place of Culture in a Late Imperial River Town”

11:50–12:10    Discussion





Panel 8, “River, Technology, and Relation between Human and Land,” Chair: Wu Tao


14:00–14:20    Qian Hang, Shanghai Normal University, “River Diversion and the Formation of Regional Society”

14:20–14:40    Xie Shi, Sun Yat-sen University, “Windmill and Spinning Wheel: Interaction Between Man and Land and Technological Options in the Development of the Rhine-Meuse Delta and the Lower Yangtze Delta from the 15th to 17th Century”

14:40–15:00    Xu Bin, Wuhan University, “Wei Tian, Sha Tian and Yuan Tian: Research Logic and Thinking on History of Waters Reclamation”

15:00–15:20    Discussion


15:20–15:30    Coffee Break


Panel 9, “River, Environment and Industrial Culture,” Chair: Dong Shaoxin

15:30–15:50    Wang Jiange, Fudan University, “Differentiation and Integration under Environmental Change: the Historical Process of Three Rivers, South of Yangtze River and Yangtze River Delta”

15:50–16:10    Marten Boon, University of Trondheim, “Norway, Coal to Oil and the Post-war Expansion of Port and Hinterland, 1945–1973”

16:10–16:30    Christian Kleinschmidt, Philipps Universität Marburg, “Structural Change and Industrial Culture in the Rhine-Ruhr-Area”

16:30–16:50    Discussion


Panel 10, “Roundtable Discussion: The Prospect of Yangtze River and Rhine River Historical Cultural Research,” Chair: Wang Zhenzhong


16:50–18:00    Introduction: Fan Jinmin, Li Bozhong, François Gipouloux, Hein Klemann; each scholar has 10 minutes

                        Open discussion, around 30 minutes in total



* 会议提供中英同传

*Chinese-English simultaneous interpretation will be provided for the meeting.