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【Lecture】A Happy Ending for "King Lear"


Public Lecture



A Happy Ending for "King Lear"

She She's Performance "Testament" (2010) and the German Shakespeare.



Time:18:30 September 11,201718:30 

时间: 2017年9月11日


Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Martin JörgSchäfer University of Hamburg



Place:Room 501, Humanities and Social Science Building, Fudan University



Organizers: International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization, Fudan University

Graduate School “China in Europe, Europe in China: Past and Present” , University of Hamburg






Brief introduction of the lecturer



Martin Jörg Schäfer is a Professor of Modern Literature and Performance Studies in German Department at the University of Hamburg. He also received his PhD there in 2001 before holding research and teaching positions at Paderborn University, NYU, Erfurt University, the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and Siegen University. He was awarded his “Habilitation” in German and Comparative Literature at Erfurt University in 2010. His books include [The Theatricality of Education: on Goethe and 18th century German Literature with regard to Rousseau] Das Theater der Erziehung. Goethes “pädagogischer Provinz” und die Vorgeschichten der Theatralisierung von Bildung (2016), art works. Ästhetik des Postfordismus ([An Aesthetics of Post-Fordism ]2015, as a part of the research network “Kunst&Arbeit”), Untranslatabilities (as a co-editor, 2013)  [The Violence of Leisure] Die Gewalt der Muße. Wechselverhältnisse von Arbeit, Nichtarbeit, Ästhetik (2013), [Scenic Materialism] Szenischer Materialismus. Dionysische Theatralität zwischen Hölderlin und Hegel (2003), [Pain Towards Being With] Schmerz zum Mitsein. Zur Relektüre Celans und Heideggers durch Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe und Jean-Luc Nancy (2003).