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【Workshop】Sino-European Entanglements in the Age of Globalization


Young Researchers’ Workshop

Sino-European Entanglements in the Age of Globalization


Room 209,Think Tank Building, Fudan University/复旦大学智库楼209会议室

September 11-12, 2017


Organized by

 International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization,

Fudan University


  Graduate School China in Europe, Europe in China: Past and  Present ,

University of Hamburg


September 11, 2017

9:30-9:45                   Opening Address    JIN Guangyao (Fudan University)

9:45-10:45                 Panel 1.                                  JIN Guangyao

Trade and diplomatic relationship in the 19th century

AN Sooyoung (Fudan University) : Ginseng at the 19th Century East-West Exchanges: A Penetrable Market and an Impenetrable Oriental Matter

JIANG Yiwei (Fudan University) : Deshima Trade Under Napoleon Occupation


10:45-11:00               Coffee Break    


11:00-12:00                      Panel 1.                                  JIN Guangyao

WANG Yakai / LI Wuzhe (Fudan University) : Images Reveal Details: the Negotiations and Signing Ceremony of Nanking Treaty in 1842

HUANG Tian (University of Hamburg): The diplomatic activities of Chinese Envoy to Berlin Lü Haihuan (1897-1901)



13:30-15:30               Panel 2.                           GAO Xi (Fudan University)

Representations and Perceptions

Yvonne Jüttner (University of Hamburg): Erinnerungskultur an die ehemalige deutsche Kolonie „Kiaotschou“ in Deutschland und China

JI Linghui (Fudan University) : The concept of "bacteria" in the Late Qing Dynasty

YE Yao (Tongji University) :  As Guest in Young China – The China Tour of the German philosopher Hans Driesch

BAO Zhong (University of Hamburg): The Chinese students in the German School Shanghai


15:30-16:00               Coffee Break  


16:00-17:30               Keynote                     LI Shuangzhi (Fudan University)

Kafka’s Mouse People and Lao She’s Cat Country: Mimicry of Colonial Narrative and Self-Irony of repressed Peoples                           


18:30          Public Lecture      Room 501,  Humanities and Social Science Building/文科楼501室

Martin Schäfer (University of Hamburg): A Happy Ending for "King Lear". She She's Performance "Testament" (2010) and the German Shakespeare.


September 12, 2017

10:00-12:00               Panel 3.                     ZHANG Ke (Fudan University)

Construction of knowledge, Ideas and Concepts

Adrian Krawczyk (University of Hamburg): Theories of ideology in China

QI Yue (Fudan University): The Ideal and Practice of “Young China” – An Ideological and Political Construction

Kevin Bockholt: Chinese Debates on the Two World Wars and their Impact on Perceptions of Europe

Sebas Rümke (University of Hamburg): China’s thwarted turn to Global History


13:00-15:30               Panel 4.                     LI Shuangzhi (Fudan University)

Literary dialogues and translations between China and Europe

YU Xue (Fudan University): Mu Sheng(目眚)and Kuang Hua(狂华)” Vs. The Veil of Maja — On the Deceptive Nature of the World of Representation in The Surangama Sutra and The World as Will and Representation

RAO Beilei (University of Hamburg): The Journey of a Literary Creation from East to West: An Intertextual Analysis of the Chalk Circle by Li Xingdao, Klabund and Bertolt Brecht

Babette Bernhardt (University of Hamburg): Chinese literature in the German Democratic Republic