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【Forum】Asian Modernity: A Search for Common Path


The 14th ANHN Annual Meeting


 Session of Shanghai Forum 2017


Host: Fudan Development Institute
Co-organizers: International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization, Fudan University,
Asian New Humanities Net
Chairs: Jin Guangyao(Fudan University),
Hsiung Ping-chen(The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Asian New Humanities Net)

Time: 13:30-17:00, May 27th

Venue: 5F, 5th Floor, Shanghai International Convention Center


Panel 1    Host: Li Tiangang 

Prasenjit DuaraNetwork Asia: Histories of the Future

Sara GuyerDisplacement in Place: Considering Modernity in Asia and beyond

Luiz OosterbeekThe 21st century agenda of modernisation: a Humanities challenge

Panel 2  Host: Lim Jie-hyun 

Lee Cheuk YinAsian Values as the New Impetus for Asia

Tansen SenModernity and Pan-Asian Contacts: The Maha Bodhi Society and the Revival of India-China Buddhist Connections

Oki YasushiAn Index to Memories of the Ming: Poetic Exchanges on Early Qing Female Entertainers


Time: 8:30-16:45, May 28th

Venue: Room 103, 1st Floor, East Wing Building of Guanghua Towers, Fudan University


Panel 1  Host: Hao Yufan

Wang NingGlobal Modernity and the (Re)Construction of China's Alternative Modernity

Prapin ManomaiviboolChinese Rites in Thai Royal Court

Harold P SjursenVernacular Modernity in 20th Century Shanghai

Panel 2 Host: Wang Ning 

Fred E. SchraderThe Moral Crisis of Modernization. E. Durkheim on the constitution of Market Society

Yu ZhejunRationality of Coexistence

Jorge Barreto XavierThe construction of an inclusive modernity

Panel 3 Host: Hsiung Ping-chen

Hao YufanThe Development of Macao and the "One Belt one Road initiative" in the Context of Globalization

Huang Hsin-yaRailroad Matters: Chinese Labor in Building the First Transcontinental Railway in North America

Premesh LaluThe Humanities as a Critique of Global Apartheid

Panel 4 Host: Jin Guangyao 

Hsiung Ping-chenHow Long is Enough to Examine Modernity? Thoughts from Two Cases

Wang JieThe Contemporariness of Aesthetic Research and Studies of Aesthetic Institutions——Two Important Principles of Cultural Governance

John CrowleyTrajectories of modernity. A  Comparative Perspective

Hsiung Ping-chenConclusion Speech

Chinese-English Simultaneous Interpretation Provided

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